Photography work 


Still photography for the movie ‘Dune’ inspired choreography work by Yeonjae Son 
Dec. 2021

Hermès Parade
Photography work for Yeonjae Son, as a participient of the Hermes Parade 2023 in Seoul, South Korea. Organised by Hermès in collaboration with renowned choreographer Philippe Decouflé.
 Apr. 2023

Ballet in Motion
Still photography work with ballet dancer and model Vivi Mazoco, and movement director Lewis Gardner 
Aug. 2023

Miss Emili
Still photography for choreography work by Jaeho Son
Jul. 2022

Two girls
Still photography for choreography work by Jin Choi, Ahyun Lee
Mar. 2022

The Playz
Still photography work for promo video of The Playz Studio 
 Apr. 2022

Yollin Lee
Photography for the Yollin Lee, Illusion artist and magician in London
Jun. 2023

Body Love
Still photography forchoreography work by Jin Choi
May. 2022

Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You
Still photography for the choreography work by Hadar Mvmt Studio
Nov. 2021

Daydream of Sho
Photography for dance profile for Sho 
Nov. 2021

Daily Inspiration

RG Aparatus
Product photography for LEAP Studio
Jun. 2022

RG Dancers
Photography for Leap Studio’s dancers
Dec. 2021-2022

Tanzstudio Formbar’s danceers on stage
Stage Photography for Tanzstudio Formbar stage at IWB Weihnachtsfeier
Dec. 2023

Rhythmic Gymnastic freundschaftswettkampf
 Photography for HOLBEIN BASEL
Mar. 2024

Photography for snap day, seoul, south korea
May. 2024

Video Production Request



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Snap Day

Welcome to Snap Day, a unique photographic event hosted by Sulu. On Snap Day, I will be your personal photographer, capturing your best moments and helping you discover your most photogenic self. This is not just a photography session; it's an opportunity to meet new people who share your passion for looking and feeling their best.

Enjoy a day dedicated to celebrating you, creating lasting memories, and embracing your unique beauty. You can also bring along your loved ones, friends, family, and even pets to join in the fun. Snap Day is all about making memories together and cherishing those precious moments forever.

Join us for an unforgettable experience, and gift yourself the joy of beautiful, professional photographs that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Next Snap Day Schedule
November 2024 in Seoul, South Korea 🇰🇷 

Snap Day for Studios